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What does a sponsorship mean ?

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When you decide to sponsor a Tibetan, you commit yourself to help him/her with school attendance, higher education, religious education or end of life.

To get involved, you may
- join the association and pay your yearly fee : 15 €;
- pay the amount of your sponsorship at your convenience : every month, every 2 or 6 months or yearly. Settlement by cheque in favour of AEMT or through direct debit.

Keep in mind that our money transfert to India occur by the end of april, august and december.

With this commitment, you are given the file of your godchild, in which you will find his curriculum vitae (name, date of birth, reference of his/her camp and his/her own reference in this camps, the names of his/her mother and father with a short text explaning his/her social status, together with his/her photo.

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Secretary of sponsorship’s office in Choglamsar

Very quickly you will have a contact with the Secretary of the officice running the camp with whom you will have the opportunity to exchange letters. A link will be established between yourself and your godchild through an exchange of drawings, photos and personnal letters in English in all topics.

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Gifts in Choglamsar’s TCV

Apart from individual sponsorship, you may choose :
- Shared sponsorship : 2 sponsors for 1 godchild
- Collective sponsorship to help scholar groups

Groups - legal entities - may alo sponsor.

  • individual sponsorship :
    • a child : 23 € a month
    • a student : 35 € a month
    • a monk / nun : 23 € a month
    • an old person : 20 € a month
  • shared sponsorship : 15 € a month
  • collective sponsorship : 15 € a month

To become a sponsor, fill out the document below and post it back.

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