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Tibetan Children Villages

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The Tibetan Children Village Association is a charitable non-profit-maker society, whose objectives are caring of and educating tibetan children, orphans or poor and living in exile. The TCV are part of SOS Villages Federation (SOS Kinderdorf International). Most of children sponsored by our association go to these schools, particularly in Ladakh and in Himachal Pradesh.


Tibet’s Chinese occupation, in 1959, led death for more than one million Tibetans. More than 100 000 refugees followed the Dalaï Lama in exile. Among them, thousands of orphans and indigent children. In order to aid them, and bring them tibetan education , a first center was created : the Nursery for tibetan refugee children, in Dharamsala. It became, in 1971, the TCV.

SOS children villages

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Children in a gardery

The TCV adopts principles of SOS villages. Its concept was based - and is based still now- on four principles : every child needs attention from a mother or a related person, who builds a close relation with him. Children grow up with boys et girls of different age they can look upon them as Brothers and Sisters in a Home that is their own in a middle of a village which compose a favorable surrounding for their lighting up. Children of the same family are not separated.


Jetsun Pema, Dalaï Lama’s sister, is chairing the TCV. Today, the TCV is very well organized et has a lot of settlements.

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TCV and its subsidiaries
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TCV implanting in India

Children live as a group in houses called khimtsang, which are run by two adoptive parents. Each house is fitted up with a kitchen and different installations.

The TCV purposes are :
- to give the best and the most modern education bringing in the same time a deep and close knowledge of tibetan cultural heritage ;
- to cultivate mind of national identity, hoping a return to Tibet ;
- to help young people to be self-confident and to become active members of their society and of the world.

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