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Ngoenga disabled children school

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This school is situated near the tibetan camp of Dekyiling, at a distant of half an hour by bus from Dehradun.


The Ngoenga School is dependent on tibetan Ministry of Health. It opened at March the 8th 2000 with 26 children, 2 amalas [1] and 2 women teachers.
Today, it has around 50 children, 7 teachers, 1 physiotherapist, 7 amalas and 1 pala [2].
Handicaps are very divers : deafness, autism, polyhandicaps...
Children are taken into care from July to the end of April, then go back home for two months.
During school hours, they are divided into 6 groups by level. For everyday life, they are divided in 5 houses with 7 to 11 children each. You can sponsor them for 25$ a month. Their needs are specific, so you have to allow 100$ per child. That amount can be shared on 4 sponsors.

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Ngoenga School main building
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Ngoenga School Logo


The AEMT intervened on several occasions : purchasing computer materials, generating set, fixing up a bathroom, laying a track between two buildings.

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Ngoenga school
On distingue sur cette photo l’arbre planté par le Dalaï Lama lors de l’inauguration de l’école.




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