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Mussoorie school

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Uttaranchal State, Dehradun district.

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More than a thousand children live in the 29 family houses making up the SOS children villages of the Tibetan Homes Foundation. Unlike the other big SOS children villages for Tibetans, this one has no main kitchen for feeing all the families. That’s why SOS mothers are cooking themselves meals for their family.

Children of the vicinity also go to the SOS children garden and to the Hermann Gmeiner school. Beside usual classes, there is a level adjustment class, supervised by two teachers and one nurse. Special courses are given to the young Tibetans who couldn’t go to Tibet school and are from now on too old for a standard school. The staff of the SOS hospital and of the dental surgery is providing medical following. A big SOS professional training center for cottage industry was fitted up. In 1990, a hostel for young SOS people opened, which can accommodate 120 persons. Then cam an other SOS hostel for girls in 1995.

The SOS Tibetan Homes children village couldn’t accommodate every child of tibetan refugees by itself. That’s the reason why a second SOS children village was build, just nearly the first one. This second village opened in 1982 and is made up of 11 family houses, one community house and the required annexes.

The SOS children village has a SOS young people hostel, where young people are prepared for an independent life. Near the village, the Tibetan Homes Foundation run one hospital, one children garden, one school and a big professional center for cottage industry. All these institutions are open to children from the tibetan refugees camps.

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